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Connected craftsmanship for your events

The world's first card-truck

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A fun, connected event for your corporate events.

Immerse your staff, partners or customers in a unique, fun experience at your business events. Our craftsmen come to your event with the Atelier: our scooter to make your business cards directly on site.

Made-to-measure, instant manufacturing

A unique, personalized gift

Offer this unique moment to your employees or customers. This original experience is sure to be a hit at your business events. Thanks to our Atelier, our craftsmen create your guests' connected business cards right in front of them. All in a charming vintage tricycle.

For your seminars, offer your employees the WeCard experience.

Let us add a touch of magic to your next business event. Whether it's an inauguration, trade show, festival or private party, Atelier by WEMET is ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Welcoming guests

Our hosts and hostesses present our products and demonstrate our various WeCards

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Our teams collect your guests' information, as well as their company logo.

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Your guests can watch their WeCard being made live and instantly.

Tailor-made production for your events

Atelier WEMET brings a new dimension to your business events, offering customized cards by the minute. Our unique scooter, combining technology and craftsmanship, creates an interactive and memorable experience for your guests.

Photos are worth a thousand words.

Thanks to l'Atelier , our team is entirely at your service to create your connected business cards in front of you. A fun and creative way to make your events more responsible.

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Triporteur L'Atelier by WEMET
L'équipe WEMET devant son Atelier
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Photo Atelier lors d'un évènement
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L'équipe WEMET devant l'Atelier by WEMET
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