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Rated 4.8/5 - More than 100,000 users trust us

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The connected business card

for durable printing

Much more than just a card, it embodies the fusion of tradition and technology. Thanks to the NFC chip, it can instantly share information such as business contact details, social network profiles, and even PDF presentations.

Durable supports

for an eco-responsible company.

Customized offers

whatever the size of your company.

Affordable, sliding-scale prices

based on quantity.

A modern, professional image

reinforcing your company's credibility.

A responsible image

demonstrating your sense of social responsibility.

Committed employees

reinforcing the feeling of belonging

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Rated 4.8/5 - More than 100,000 users trust us

Why opt for digital business cards ?

Responsible purchasing

Opting for the WEMET connected business card means short-term savings. Thanks to a one-time, non-recurring purchase model, you save not only on your business cards, but also on the time it takes to manage them.

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CSR success

Integrating the contactless NFC business card into your CSR plan guarantees the implementation of a concrete action aimed at reducing paper consumption. The WeCard fits in perfectly thanks to the use of eco-responsible materials and the initiatives put in place by WEMET.

Strengthen your identity.

Promote effective communication with your NFC-connected business card. Whether external or internal, this contactless business card transforms your meetings into opportunities to reinforce your brand identity.

They've switched to connected business cards

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WEMET is a Toulouse-based worktech born in 2021. It was launched by Samuel Dassa, CEO and co-founder, and Hannah Dassa, co-founder, with precise objectives in mind: to revolutionize professional exchanges and shake up corporate habits.

The first company to offer the connected business card on the French market, we now have over 20,000 companies equipped, 100,000 WeCards users and more than 10 employees.

Being at the heart of innovation is also a key value for our company in a constantly changing world. We anticipate your needs so that we can offer you products that meet your expectations. As partners, we support our customers in their digital transition and CSR initiatives. Our commitment is to be present at every stage of their user experience.