The connected business card: an ecological and technological choice for a sustainable future

In a world where environmental concerns and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have become crucial, it's essential to find innovative solutions to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the planet. That's where the connected business card comes in, an eco-friendly and responsible option that fits in perfectly with our modern technology, and sustainability-driven society.

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‍The connected business card offers a sustainable alternative to traditional paper business cards, which are often thrown away after just one use. Thanks to this new technology, professionals can share their contact details and information digitally, without the need to print physical cards to hand out at every appointment or event.

The connected business card: an ecological gesture for the environment

A sustainable alternative to traditional business cards 🍃

In an environmentally conscious world, it's vital to rethink the way we consume and minimize our impact on the planet. The connected business card offers an eco-friendly option for professionals who want to reduce waste. Unlike traditional paper business cards, which are often thrown away after a single use, the connected business card enables contact details and information to be shared digitally, without having to print physical cards for every appointment or event. This contributes to a significant reduction in the amount of paper used and thrown away unnecessarily.

A responsible, committed brand image 🔄

By adopting the connected business card, companies can not only make a positive gesture in favor of the environment, but they can also reinforce their brand image by adopting ecological and responsible practices. By integrating this solution into their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, they demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and to reducing their carbon footprint. It can also attract the attention of consumers, who are placing increasing emphasis on the ecological practices of the companies they do business with.

Undeniable practical benefits 📈

In addition to the ecological benefits and enhanced brand image, the connected business card also offers many practical advantages for professionals. It can be easily shared via NFC technology or simply by scanning a QR code. What's more, it can be updated instantly to reflect changes in contact or business information. This avoids the errors or costs associated with reprinting traditional business cards. Thanks to this technology, professionals can also organize and manage their contacts more effectively, simplifying their networking and business communication.

Environmental benefits of the connected business card

Reducing paper consumption 📜

One of the most obvious benefits of the connected business card is the significant reduction in paper consumption. Traditional business cards are often produced in large quantities and often end up being thrown away after one use. By opting for the digital version, companies make a direct contribution to preserving trees and reducing deforestation linked to paper production.

Waste minimization 🗑

The connected business card also eliminates the need to produce physical cards, which inevitably end up accumulating as waste. Business card waste represents a considerable environmental burden, contributing to landfill and pollution. By adopting the connected business card, companies are helping to reduce plastic and paper waste, promoting a more sustainable approach.

Reduced carbon footprint ⬇

Producing and distributing traditional business cards involves industrial, transport and printing processes that generate a sizeable carbon footprint. Opting for the connected business card helps reduce this footprint by eliminating many of these steps. Less printing, less transport and fewer materials used translate into an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

A step towards technological innovation

Adapting to changing business habits

In an increasingly connected world, traditional communication methods are rapidly evolving. Physical business cards can seem outdated in a context where interactions often take place online or via digital platforms. The connected business card enables companies to adapt to these new habits while demonstrating their commitment to technological innovation.

Creating a memorable impression

The connected business card also offers the opportunity to create a memorable impression with business contacts. Rather than giving a traditional card, sharing a digital card can show that your company is at the cutting edge of technology and committed to modern, responsible practices. This can leave a positive and lasting impression in the minds of your partners and potential customers.

The Future of Business Communication

The growing adoption of technology 🚀

As technology continues to evolve, it's likely that the connected business card will become the norm in the professional world. Companies that adopt this approach now are showing their willingness to be at the forefront of these trends. Widespread use of the connected business card could contribute to a cultural shift towards more sustainable, digital methods of communication.

Commitment to sustainability 🤝

In conclusion, the connected business card represents much more than just an eco-friendly alternative to traditional business cards. It's a symbol of commitment to sustainability, innovation and corporate social responsibility. By choosing the connected business card, companies are taking a step towards a future where business communication is both technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

➡ Where to buy an eco-friendly business card?‍

WEMET, a pioneer of connected business cards in France, works with recycled materials, demonstrating its commitment to environmentally-friendly practices and sustainable development by offering eco-responsible connected business cards.

‍ From €30 excl. tax, personalization included.


Worktech that evolves with youWEMET is a Toulouse-based worktech that aims to revolutionize professional exchanges. In 2020, its co-founder Samuel Dassa started from an observation:

Paper business cards are impractical and no longer adapted to today's working world.

Thus was born the connected business card: the WeCard. Thanks to NFC technology, used in contactless payment for example, it enables you to exchange a wide range of information. The key value at WEMET is the user experience. It was therefore important for us to develop our product through daily innovation, but also to guarantee you a product that evolves with and throughout your professional projects.

The WeCard: the most innovative and complete connected business card.

Available in recycled PVC (white, black) or upcycled wood, the connected business card is an ecological working tool that follows you throughout your professional career, while helping to preserve the environment.

Fully customizable, its content can be modified instantly and free of charge, enabling you to stay up to date and share relevant information at all times. Gone are the costs and delays associated with reprinting your business cards every month.

With the connected business card, you can easily update your contact details, and adapt your card to your professional evolution, all in just a few clicks.

By embracing the connected business card, you're joining a movement to transform the way businesses interact and communicate. It's a small gesture that can have a significant impact on reducing waste, conserving resources and creating a more sustainable future for all.

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