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The connected business card

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The connected business card, an essential professional tool

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The NFC business card

A simple gesture to transform your relationships!

Free yourself from traditional codes and reinvent professional meetings.
Be simple, effective and innovative to arouse the curiosity and interest of your prospects.


Our business cards are customizable to your image. Create your connected business card according to your graphic charter.

No contact

Exchange contact information with a simple gesture: move your connected business card towards the other person’s phone to trigger the action.


Switching to the connected business card implies a “non-consumption” of paper cards. It is a pragmatic gesture for the environment.

WeCard Original,
the connected business card

Be prepared to use the last of your business cards.


Reduce your paper consumption


Create your own design, a card with your image

No contact

Share your information wherever you are


Compatible with all operating systems

With the Original WeCard, go to the essence by sharing your contact sheet. In addition to being a functional innovation, the connected business card is part of the new uses of corporate communication: an eco-responsible use of the business card.

WeCard Pro,
your all-in-one assistant

All your business information at your fingertips.

Customized interface

Create your profile and share your contactless information

Lifetime card

Modify your information in real time and in autonomy


From the interface to the card, create a unique WeCard in your image

Unique and adaptable

Compatible with all operating systems

With the WeCard Pro, create your professional portal and share your information instantly.
From your contact sheet to your online calendar, from your social networks to your business brochure, you are just one card away from your future professional.
Unique, customizable and modifiable at any time, the WeCard Pro is your new asset to expand your network.

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We create what we believe in.

The WEMET signature is above all a team gathered around the same values. Whether they are family or friendly, they are synonymous with solidarity, proximity, responsiveness and creativity.

Our mission is to intelligently create new communication media to make exchanges more fun.

We want to share the commitments we make.

Nous voulons partager les engagements que nous prenons.

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